Step away from your team's daily rhythm to gain fresh perspective, develop new tools, and practice collaborating in a neutral environment.


Option 1: Choose from one of our workshop offerings described below; or combine a few. Although each workshop is based on a general outline, the final design will be customized for you. 

Option 2: Let's partner to design a powerful multi- or full-day experience that blends team development with strategic and business planning. Contact us to explore further.  

Strengths Workshop


Conventional development models focus on managing weaknesses, but research by Gallup® proves we have much more to gain by leaning into our strengths. In this workshop, you will identify your unique talents using Clifton StrengthsFinder® and learn how to apply these talents to improve individual & team performance. Prepare for an engaging day full of 'aha' moments that will pave new pathways to success ahead.

full or half-day workshop // venue provided by client

Values-Based Leadership


We lead and perform most effectively when we are true to ourselves.  In order to do this, we must know ourselves - what we stand for, what's important to us - our core values. These core values guide every decision, behavior & goal we set. In this workshop, we walk through an exercise to identify core values, utilize a tool to asses how well we are living according to these values, & learn how to increase engagement and performance by applying values awareness. Using values as a compass drives integrity in individuals and teams.

half-day workshop // venue provided by client

Team Building Workshop


Don't panic, nobody will be forced to perform on stage in this workshop. Instead, teams will participate in multiple fun, engaging activities to learn & practice communication skills, founded in improv principles. This experiential learning accelerates the acquisition and retention of new knowledge and skills. You can't learn to swim by reading about it, right? In this workshop, you with strengthen your working relationships and communication through a fun, interactive day.  

full or half-day workshop // venue provided by client

Emotional Intelligence Workshop


You may have smart people, but if they lack emotional intelligence, peak performance is distant. Studies show that EQ outweighs IQ when predicting performance. The ability to manage your emotions and relationships with others is critical. Here's the great news...while IQ is stable, EQ can be improved with practice. In this workshop you will learn the basics of emotional intelligence and, through engaging activities, learn tools for improving self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. 

full or half-day workshop // venue provided by client

DISC Workshop


Using the DISC assessment provides new insight into your working style, how you respond to conflict, what motivates you and how you approach problems. Increased self-awareness is the first step to becoming a more effective team member. In this workshop, we will pair introspection with education regarding your colleagues' styles, then teach you tools for adapting to improve working relationships. Through candid conversations and fun exercises, you will leave equipped to collaborate more effectively. 

half-day workshop // venue provided by client

I’ve never met someone as professional and thoughtful. Abbey’s empathy, ability to problem solve, and sincere connection with people is unprecedented. She has facilitated numerous group workshops that were not only thought provoking, but also meaningful, relevant, and impactful. You’re in the best hands with Abbey.
— P. Mayfield
Abbey has facilitated several strategic workshops for our organization. She puts careful thought into crafting an agenda tailored to our needs, but can also adapt quickly as emergent issues arise during the workshop. Abbey is an expert at getting everyone engaged and at steering us through difficult or contentious topics. Her approach blends a focus on strategic objectives with an attention to relationships and team-building. Abbey’s skilled facilitation has enabled our team to maximize our workshop time and achieve outcomes we would not have achieved on our own.
— A. Kato