The most influential factor in employee performance is not pay, it’s the employee-supervisor relationship. Developing managers who know how to lead effectively is your most important investment…prepare for a positive ripple effect throughout the entire organization.

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Leadership Training


Let's partner to develop customized training for your leaders. Topics may include values-based leadership, communicating with clarity, empowering your employees, conflict resolution, understanding the impact of your leadership style, strengths-based leadership, emotional intelligence, building cohesive teams and more. This could be a one-time offering or an ongoing program provided to new managers or high-potential non-managers.

training length and content is customizable // venue provided by client

Leadership Workshop

INTENTIONAL LEADERSHIP (open enrollment workshop)

Our "Intentional Leadership" workshop is available to individual leaders from any organization. Attendees will increase self-awareness, develop emotional intelligence skills & learn tools for fostering healthy working relationships. Participants leave with two action plans: one focused on continued personal development and one focused on the team(s) they lead. This open enrollment workshop provides participants with a unique opportunity to broaden their professional networks and learn from a diverse group of leaders.

full-day workshop // location: boise, idaho

workshop dates will be posted here when available // let us know if you would like to be contacted when a scheduled workshop becomes available