The most influential factor in employee performance is not pay, it’s the employee-supervisor relationship. Developing managers who know how to lead effectively is your most important investment…prepare for a positive ripple effect throughout the entire organization.

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Leadership Training


Formal development programs drive effective and sustainable leadership in your organization. You must invest now to ensure future success.

CURRENT MANAGERS: Design a program that provides the training, coaching, and ongoing support your managers need to lead well.

EMERGING LEADERS: Invest in your rising leaders to ensure they're ready to take the reigns. This investment demonstrates your commitment to them and their future in the organization.

We can help you simply design the structure or facilitate the entire program.

Leadership Workshop


We provide customized training and coaching for your leaders, in group or individual settings. Focus areas are dependent upon the unique challenges faced by your leaders and the organization, all with the end goal of developing managers who lead well and deliver business results.

Contact us to discuss your goals and explore solutions.

Abbey has an uncanny ability to genuinely connect, in a very short time, with everyone she encounters. Her special combination of authenticity always coupled with a truly caring spirit creates a unique ability to provide necessary constructive feedback without ever seeming discouraging or disparaging. The result is strong personal and professional growth in everyone around her. Her passion for people and seeing them succeed exudes from everything she does and is truly second to none.
— M. Lombardi, Regional Director