Whether you want to evaluate overall employee engagement or need advising in a specific area of talent management, we can help.

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Employee Engagement Assessment


Organizations with engaged employees - employees who are committed to and passionate about their work - out-perform others by over 200% (source: Gallup). Unfortunately, only one-third of today's workforce is engaged. We use Gallup's research-based survey to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization's health and then partner with you to digest the results and craft an improvement plan.  Developing a culture of engagement has significant benefits: 

↑ profitability, ↑ productivity, ↑ customer ratings, ↓ turnover, ↓ safety incidents

This is our most comprehensive service and, as a result, delivers the greatest impact.

survey delivered online or via one-on-one conversations

deliverables: survey results package + debrief meeting + improvement plan - recommended follow-on services are optional



Recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent is critical to your business. Poor hiring decisions, stagnant employee growth and high attrition rates are costly.  With over a decade of experience leading talent management initiatives at a Fortune 100 company, we can help you improve your talent management strategy and execution.

length and form of service tailored to customer needs