Whether you want to evaluate overall employee engagement or need advising in a specific area of talent management, we can help.

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Employee Engagement Assessment


Organizations with engaged employees - employees who are committed to and passionate about their work - out-perform others by over 200% (source: Gallup). Unfortunately, only one-third of today's workforce is engaged. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current employee engagement levels and then partner with you to digest the results and craft an improvement plan.  Developing a culture of engagement has significant benefits: 

↑ profitability, ↑ productivity, ↑ customer ratings, ↓ turnover, ↓ safety incidents

This is our most comprehensive service and, as a result, delivers the greatest impact.

survey delivered online or via one-on-one conversations

deliverables: survey results package + debrief meeting + improvement plan - recommended follow-on services are optional



Recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent is critical to your business. Poor hiring decisions, stagnant employee growth and high attrition rates are costly.  With over a decade of experience leading talent management initiatives at a Fortune 50 company, we can help you improve your talent management strategy and execution.

length and form of service tailored to customer needs

Abbey is one of the most talented, professional, and thoughtful leaders I have had the opportunity to work with. Her ability to quickly recognize the complex dynamics of an organization allows her to work collaboratively with key stakeholders to transform the business environment to get the most out of each person. She has the unique gift of being able to not only imagine innovative solutions to challenging business problems, but also has the organizational discipline to execute the plan to the smallest details.
— M. Bersos, HR Business Leader